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Stress Relief at My Fingertips...

With many days lost per year through sickness, back problems and “modern” complaints such as RSI, forward looking companies are now looking for alternatives to treat stress related illness. By taking action to control stress within the work place companies may be able to get a reduction in health insurance and save money through staff absence caused by stress and back problems.

One of these alternatives is On Site Massage, a stress reducing seated massage specifically designed for the work place. No clothes are removed, very little space is needed and it takes less than fifteen minutes, making it a time-efficient and convenient form of stress management. The effects are immediate, relieving tight muscles, helping concentration, increasing energy levels and producing a feeling of well being which has a marked effect on the employee’s ability to cope with stress. Regular On Site Massage improves sleep patterns, reduces blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and alleviates headaches and migraines. Recent clients include ICL/Fujitsu Services and Hanson Westhouse Securities.

Another alternative is Pilates. Pilates improves posture, releases tension and strengthens the core muscles which are vital for reducing back pain. By learning a series of simple exercises easily performed at their desks, looking at the correct use of equipment to help prevent neck and shoulder strain and focusing on posture by identifying potential injuries, employees can avoid typical problems caused by sitting for long periods in the office.

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