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(From a client to a Harley Street Consultant) ".... Mandy Hermitage, who is the lady that I was telling you about who specialises in the Bowen Technique which worked minor miracles on the persistent tendonitis in my right elbow."

"I LOVED your workshop, so very enjoyable and immensely useful, I really felt I learned a lot, thank YOU and it was lots of fun too!  I love your voice projection, it is really a pleasure to listen to you speak as you have a real talent in engaging people!" (E-mail from workshop attendee, January 2014.)


"Just to say again thank you for your enthusiasm and sense of fun, and of course keeping a tall woman like me a bit more elegant and a bit more fit!    I have really enjoyed my Monday lunchtimes - thank you !!!" (E-mail from Telegraph Media Group client 29.4.13.)

"I am really enjoying the classes and super friendly atmosphere. Highly entertaining. You take more care and interest than any other instructor I have worked with (and I've worked with a lot!!). I'm full of optimism and I don't care how long it takes for the penny to drop."

"An inspirational teacher and healer."

"You are a brilliant teacher by the way!" (Journalist at Daily Telegraph.)

"I really enjoyed last week's class.  You have a wonderful gift of knowing when to push and when to pull!"

"Thanks for being such a great - and fun - Pilates teacher."

"You are a fabulous teacher and make the classes really fun."

"Many thanks for a lovely introduction to Pilates and many super classes."

"Thanks for many relaxing/stimulating and really enjoyable hours."

"..... your very helpful and wonderful classes which I must say have helped me so much, especially my feet and balance."

".. I am very happy with the teaching you have given me and what I have gained has changed my life for the better. I have and still receive compliments on my flexibility and I will never stop going the stretching exercises you have taught me. It still amazes me I have just scratched the surface of Pilates but it has done so much for me physically and mentally."

"Since starting Mandy's class three years ago I have been completely free of back and neck problems. Following a recent longhaul flight I went back to see my physio who noticed the length of time that had passed since my last appointment. On examination she commented immediately on how "fit and toned" I was and asked what exercise programme I was using so that she could recommend it to her other patients with persistent back pain. Mandy's teaching has not only strengthened my core stability but also added to my general awareness of physical tension, and how to relieve the effect of emotional stress before this adversely affects my body." (Daily Mail journalist's testimonial 25/5/7.)

"We have been fortunate to receive the guidance and inspiration of great teachers, ...... and Mandy Hermitage to whom we owe a debt of gratitude."

"..... you and your very helpful and wonderful classes, which I must say have helped me so much especially with my feet and balance."

"Monday was amazing. Thank you so much for your help and consideration. It was great to see you again too and interesting and interested people. The whole experience felt "inclusive" and comfortable." (Written by a therapist who had attended one of my anatomy afternoons on cadavers.)