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Reflexology is a holistic therapy which activates the energy flow in the body and restores it to its natural equilibrium by massaging reflex areas in the feet.   By working these reflexes it is possible to stimulate and encourage the healing process since each area is related to a different part of the body.   It relieves congestion and toxins, aids circulation, relaxes muscles and encourages the body to rebalance and restore itself to good health.

Reflexology can help a range of problems including musculoskeletal pain, trapped nerves, RSI, stress, sciatica, painful knees, swollen ankles, infertility, constipation, migraine, stress and sleeping difficulties.   It can also be used as a preventative therapy or simply as a means of relaxation.

I qualified in March 1994 at The Philip Salmon School of Reflexology.   The course is recognised by the Association of Reflexologists.

For further information contact Amanda Hermitage on 07702 174468 or e-mail