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"I enjoyed the Pilates workshop and found it very helpful.  I have suffered from stiffness and lower back pain when I wake and get out of bed - doing the exercises you showed me have helped hugely."

"... to say how very much I enjoyed your seminar on managing back pain.  Your explanation of the basic principles of Pilates was wonderfully clear and comprehensive and really helped to de-mystify the attendant exercises."

The back repair clinic was set up to enable people with back problems to gain an insight into why pain and stiffness have become part of their daily lives.  It is aimed at providing you with  increased body awareness and information which will help you approach your problem head-on and avoid injuries and pain in the future.  It is run either as a series of 1:1 sessions or as a two hour pain management course and is  ideal for office workers, mothers carrying young children and those with occupations or hobbies like gardening and golf, that involve bending, twisting and lifting.

It concentrates  on posture, the use of vital core muscles to protect and strengthen the back,  how to release tension and stiffness and identify every day movements that cause pain.  In addition it explores specific circumstances in which problems occur and provides you with exercises to alleviate and avoid future injury. The exercises  can be done anywhere - in bed, in the office, driving a car or in front of the tv – and can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle .

You will also learn lifting techniques and how to bend and twist safely (particularly ideal for those with small children). 

Notes are provided upon completion of the course.

For further information contact Amanda Hermitage on 07702 174468 or e-mail