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Are you in an existing class but don’t quite understand what you are supposed to be doing?

Are you confused by the movements and not sure how to do them?

Are you are being left behind while the rest of the class appears to be moving forwards?

MASTER THE BASICS and ask the questions you are too embarrassed to ask within the confines of a class setting by booking in for a one hour private session. Check whether you really are recruiting the correct muscles, go back to basics with the breathing, pelvic floor and neutral spine and gain confidence with an enhanced understanding of what is seemingly a complicated and impossible way of movement.

I am a Body Control Pilates © teacher and a member of the Body Control Pilates © Association, the Register of Exercise Professionals, the Bowen Therapists’ European Register and an associate member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists. I am registered with the British Complementary Medicine Association and NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners. As well as specialising in neck and back problems, I have a particular interest in the causes of re-injury in relation to movement and posture and work in physiotherapy clinics teaching remedial exercise.

To make an appointment or book a home visit call Amanda Hermitage on 07702 174468 or e-mail