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Extract from a letter from a client to a Harley Street Consultant ".... Mandy Hermitage, who is the lady that I was telling you about who specialises in the Bowen Technique which worked minor miracles on the persistent tendonitis in my right elbow."

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, subtle and relaxing therapy that involves a series of light moves on muscle and connective tissue which encourage the body to rebalance and restore itself to good health. It relieves tension and reduces pain and the treatment can be done through light clothing. It has found to be effective in the treatment of many unresolved problems including back pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and RSI as well as stress, asthma, epilepsy, skin disorders, ulcers, PMT, MS, sleeping problems and hay fever. There is no manipulation or adjustment and many conditions can be resolved within two to three sessions, although some may require longer term treatment.

Amanda was one of the first people in the UK to qualify in the Bowen Technique in the mid-1990s.


CAM magazine October/November 2010


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