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These days are organised for students and practitioners working within the health field. You will have an opportunity to look at specimens, view bones and muscles, their origins and insertions, nerve and blood supplies and other anatomical features. You can even have a feel (gloves provided)!  The days marked "Dissection" are when you get a chance to actually dissect and are fully involved in the cutting process. 

The courses are particularly useful for anyone embarking on an anatomy course, or for existing therapists who want to update their knowledge of anatomy.  They are open to health professionals and therapists only, in order to comply with the regulations set down by the Human Tissue Authority so that the legal position of the hospital is protected.  You will be required beforehand to provide details of your qualifications and professional affiliations so that your bona fide interest in anatomy can be verified.

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WEDNESDAY 17th September 2014

9.30 – 12.30pm



Exploring the Soft Tissues in relation to Common Injuries WITH MEL CASH.

WEDNESDAY 17th September 2014

1.30 – 4.30pm




SLIDE’n’GLIDE: understanding the thoracic spine, rib cage, shoulder girdle, rotator cuff and gleno humeral joint WITH DAVID KATZ.

WEDNESDAY 17th September 2014

10am – 5pm


BOWEN “in the flesh” – an anatomical exploration of the structures involved when performing Bowen moves WITH JIHAN ADEM.


TUESDAY 28TH October 2014

10am – 1pm

The Upper Limb Girdle:  Exploring the relationship between the shoulder joint, brachial plexus, neck and scapulae WITH PROFESSOR CERI DAVIES.

TUESDAY 28th October 2014

2pm – 5pm

Joint Function and Dysfunction of the Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot WITH PROFESSOR CERI DAVIES.


THURSDAY 4th December 2014

10am – 1pm


An Anatomical Overview of the Skeletal System, Muscles, Joints, Ligaments and Tendons WITH PROFESSOR CERI DAVIES.

THURSDAY 4th December 2014

2pm – 5pm

This will be followed by an afternoon with Mel Cash exploring the muscular system in a clinical context and its significance in common injuries.


TUESDAY 11TH November 2014

9.30 am – 4.30pm




9.30am – 4.30pm




9.30 – 4.30pm


THE FASCIAL HUMAN, a two day introduction to fascia WITH JULIAN BAKER.



" It was a great day, run by Julian Baker (big friends with Gil Hedley - he of the 'fuzz speech'). The day was specifically about fascia, but this meant that there was some great dissection experience to be had.  We got to do a lot of dissection ourselves (not done for us), and it was therefore very hands on.  It also therefore spent a long time looking at fascia, muscle, and their relations. I can recommend highly doing a day.  AT £200, for what we were allowed to do, and how it was lead, was frankly a bargain."  (E-mail 9.5.13.)

"I don't know why all the plethora of masseuses that are getting churned out of ITEC massage schools aren't all snapping up these courses. You should be inundated with waiting lists, especially at the affordable prices. I don't see it as a luxury but necessity for my work, even if it means I don't have money for holidays and meals out. I see the hands on anatomy courses, esp the ones that shed light on latest science of connective tissue, as a godsend to help me become more capable at my job, and live up to the expectations of my clients." (Extract from e-mail 20.9.12 from a course attendee.)

"I was at the day long fascia cadaver on Thursday and just want to say how fantastic it was. I was a bit apprehensive before and leading up to it but it was easily one of the most impressive things I have had the fortune to be a part of. Thanks to you and everyone involved in giving me that opportunity and I hope to do some more in the future."  (Extract from an e-mail 24.6.12.)

"I have been raving about your courses - totally brilliant!" (extract from an e-mail referring to the dissection days).

"It was so will never be the same again!" (E-mail 17.3.13 referring to the fascia and sport dissection.)

"Just a quick email to thank you for a brilliantly organised day yesterday. Incredibly interesting & conducted at a level that was neither intimidating or overwhelming. I'm happy to admit I was a little anxious in what to expect as this was my first time. Please pass on my thanks to Professor D.  Once again many thanks & I look forward to my next cadaver." (Extract from an e-mail March 2013 after attendance on an anatomy on cadaver general anatomy session.)

"Of course you can get yourself on the cadaver afternoon if there are still some places. I can tell you now that what you will get out of those 3 hrs is invaluable and it is far more beneficial to your learning than sitting in a classroom!" (Copy e-mail from an A&P teacher to a student.)

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the day yesterday – it was absolutely fascinating. Julian was brilliant – I really liked his approach & learned an enormous amount. It was great to meet some other interesting & interested students too."  (Extract from e-mail dated 14.6.12.)

"I really thought the 2 days with Julian were outstanding, and am so happy to have linked up with you." (E-mail 17.6.12 following attendance at a dissection.)

" ..... and as I discovered from the last experience, there is nothing quite like the real thing for consolidating your understanding, quite apart from the calibre of the teaching." (Extract from e-mail sent following attendance on a cadaver session.)

"Thanks so much for all the great study days you provided me with this year. It's been an unbelievable learning experience for me, and has contributed substantially to my development as a trainer and therapist. Congratulations on providing such a valuable resource for us non-medical students. I think it's amazing that you've managed to open up such a rare training experience to the wider therapy community. I won't hesitate to recommend your cadaver studies to anyone with a professional interest in anatomy. Once again, well done and thanks!" (Extract from e-mail sent following attendance on numerous courses.)

"I was a little apprehensive at first about coming to the Cadaver & Dissection days,but what can i say the knowledge i gained and standard of teaching was outstanding with both C. and Julian, am looking forward to future events and feel this has really improved my teaching angle and concept of the body".

"Thank you both enormously for the dissection experience and the added material you have sent. It has been a big eye opener and I am considering so much more when I treat my clients."  (Extract from e-mail sent following Part I and Part II of the fascia dissection.)


"I wanted to thank you for having organised (and facilitated) such an interesting and informative day’s course.  My expectations were so way off the mark. I was anticipating a morbid, frank and, in acknowledgement of Professor X’s position, a somewhat condescending lecture. How wrong was I and how right are you! You are Miss Bubbly - spiritually, not physically, of course!). He was accessible, amiable and accommodating, regardless of the level of questioning. That’s three As in my book! A big, big thank you to you. Thank you to Professor X and thank you to Y for allowing us access. I look forward to receiving info on forthcoming courses."

"I didn't get a chance to thank you yesterday before I left.  Thank you so much, I really got a lot out of the course yesterday and thought that it was definitely worth all the effort with travelling from Scotland.  It just makes you want to do more!"

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and things seem so much clearer now .... X was fantastic and did not make the experience stuffy and lecture-like and was so informative.  I have learnt so much."

"... thank you for a truly memorable learning experience ... It was extremely well organised and executed by you and the Professor was an absolute star."

"..... just writing to say what a fantastic day I had yesterday. The courses were excellent and X was very interesting and informative. It was a pleasure to learn in such relaxed and enjoyable surroundings. I learnt more in three hours there than I did studying for months at Uni with the text books. Having the ability to touch and ask any questions you like and not feel like they are stupid questions makes the learning experience a really fulfilling one. Without doubt the best teaching I have had.   I am looking forward to the next one in October."

"...... I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday.  I really enjoyed the morning session. The professor was excellent and I have learnt so much.  I am really cross that I couldn't stay for the afternoon as I have just had an e-mail saying it was brilliant.  I am so jealous ....."

"Monday was amazing. Thank you so much for your help and consideration. It was great to see you again too and interesting and interested people. The whole experience felt "inclusive" and comfortable."

(Letter from an A&P lecturer proposing to recommend the course to his students) "I know some will find your work absolutely fascinating and relish the chance to experience what you can offer to help with their education."

".... just to say HUGE thanks for organising yesterday.  Totally blows my mind how wonderful the body is.  Learnt so much and saw things the way they are inside which was pretty wow!"